Above: 3 AM – 1/04/2016 (18″ x 24″, oil pastels, watercolor)

Still Expanding My Horizons

In 2016, I continued with some large drawings and paintings and expanded with a few videos. Below is a video of an attempt to paint and use scratching to make a piece depicting a hatchet in the forehead, because, well, that’s about how nice a migraine feels. So much so that a hatchet appeared in two pieces in 2016.

With a Migraine Like This, Who Needs Enemies? – 3/19/2016






Stare at this a while

Eyeball with Aura – 7/13/2016 (18″ x 24″, oil pastels)

untitled – 8/05/2016

Rough Around the Edges – 9/17/2016 (water color, charcoal)

The Doodlesam Homestead

But… F U – 10/08/2016

unfinished – 11/02/2016

Riding the Migraine Train – 11/19/2016 (on the way to an opera)

Dissociated – 12/09/2016

More information on this video and what inspired it can be found here: Migraine: Like a Hatchet to the Forehead

Additional Info on My Migraine Art

For some notes on migraine art, please read Why I Make Migraine Art.

More migraine art can be found by going to the Migraine Art link on the navigation bar above.

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