Above: My-Eye-Graine – 7/22/2015 (18″ x 24″, oil pastels, watercolor)

Going Big

Up until July 2015, all of my migraine art was done in my private journals and still is for the majority of the drawings I make. But on July 7, 2015, I got the urge to do something larger and more involved. I got a large piece of paper and broke out the oil pastels. I made a self-portrait with an aura (see below). Since then I have done several large pieces, as you can see by the picture of my living room below.

Survived – 3/03/2015

Didn’t Feel Like Talking About It – 3/20/2015

Tuesday Meeting Migraine – 3/31/2015 (“Then Tuesday shall arise with a migraine in his wings, and thou shalt righteously suffer the torments of a 10:00 meeting; Then shalt thou go forth unto thine own home, and cleave unto thine own pillow; Thou shalt find rest and comfort for thine noggin.” Thus saith The Yord.)

Big Bloody Migraine – 5/07/2015

Aura Blindness – 5/23/2015

Self-portrait with Migraine – 6/03/2015

Dissected by Migraine – 6/26/2015

Self-portrait with Aura – 7/07/2015 (18″ x 24″, oil pastels)

Self-portrait with Self-portrait (for perspective)

The Doodlesam Living Room

Additional Info on My Migraine Art

For some notes on migraine art, please read Why I Make Migraine Art.

More migraine art can be found by going to the Migraine Art link on the navigation bar above.

End of Gallery #10


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