It’s always amusing to come across old doodles in notebooks. This morning I found this oddity while looking for my login information for a website I haven’t used in a million years. I had no luck finding that. Meanwhile, I have a zillion tasks to get done… find documents for the accountant, find documents for our financial advisor, catch up on some training for work, go grocery shopping, and on and on… Plus, my wife’s car broke down yesterday. So I have to drive her to work today and hang around until she’s done after a few hours. So much to do. So, in true ADHD fashion, I’m completely distracted with taking a picture of this doodle that does nothing for anyone’s life, resizing it, uploading it, writing this blog post that means nothing. Although, all those people in that gigantic earring could represent all the many tasks that are currently weighing on me, swarming me, ganging up on me. It would be nice to keep on avoiding them, escaping them, by sitting here writing about nothing all day. But I better get busy before that hoop of responsibilities stretches my earlobe all the way to the floor. It’s bad enough I drag my knuckles when I walks. I don’t need my ears touching the ground too.

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