Above: Migraine Wins, For Now- 8/20/14

Where Did All the Migraines Go?

Somehow, in 2014, I had only four migraines. The only thing that changed that year was that I stopped drinking wine. But I’m not convinced that was the thing that did the trick. In following years, I have avoided wine for the most part and had my usual average of 20 migraines per year. And when I did drink wine here and there… no migraines. I’ve given up trying to figure out what causes them.

That said, in 2014, each of the four migraines I had occurred that day after having drinks: rum once, wine twice, and once, very cheap and not so tasty Trader Joe’s whiskey. Yuck. At this point (2017), I rarely drink any alcohol. It just makes me tired.

Also of note, these four drawings are lousy. I must have been out of practice. But here they are.

200 Mile Migraine – 5/25/2014 (Migraine while driving home from Atlanta)

Point Unpleasant, NJ – 8/13/2014

Death by Whiskey – 10/30/2014 (cheap Trader Joe’s whiskey)

Additional Info on My Migraine Art

For some notes on migraine art, please read Why I Make Migraine Art.

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End of Gallery #9


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