Above: “Sleep with Migraine, A Still Life” – watercolor and charcoal on paper, 24″x 18″

A Still Life

Always when a migraine visits me, I do my best to keep the day on track. I swallow my pills, paint a smile on my face, put my best foot forward.

The aura progresses, reaches a point where I would be considered temporarily legally blind in all likelihood. Today I reached that point while making scrambled eggs. I’m pretty sure I didn’t serve them to my wife half raw.

The day wears on. My resolve wears down. The pain in my head expands. My body becomes dead weight.

Detail of “Sleep with Migraine, A Still Life” – watercolor and charcoal on paper, 24″ x 18″

Inevitably, I reach a point where I can’t go much farther. I need to lie down. I need to let the earth absorb my weak body. I need to sleep.

I reached that point around 11 last night, almost 12 hours after the migraine started. Not a bad run.

Then I got the idea for this painting. Perhaps I had a bit more energy left before crashing for the night.

I said to my wife, “Take a picture of me lying here. I have an idea.”

This is probably my first piece of migraine art based on a still life model. Oh, what a sexy model!

You say, “Yeah… sure… You’re delusional, Sam.”

If I’m delusional, let’s blame the Fiorinal.

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