IT IS MY INTENTION to create a blog of sorts on this website, just some writings on the wall in this corner of the Internet. A place where I can muse and murmur about art and creativity. A place where I can draw your attention to things other than the typically absurd doodles of a madman.

So in that spirit, here is a moldy watermelon photographed in red light.

It’s my gif(t) to you, depending on how you prefer to pronounce that word, acronym actually. But let’s not argue over that right now because this inaugural blog post will be ending in a giffy (if you prefer).

Some of you probably don’t know what the hell the preceding paragraph is about. That’s ok. Just stare at the melon.

(Thanks are due to my wife for tolerating the lingering of the melon through its molding phase until it became prime for “art.” Thank you, Christine.)

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