Above: Detail of “Nude with Migraine” (self portrait)

Sometimes I Go for Months

Sometimes there are long gaps between my migraines. My doctor said that is common in men. He called them cluster headaches. I think people mean different things by the term “cluster headaches.” In this case, the point is they occur within close proximity of each other (speaking in reference to a linear timeline). Sometimes I go for months without a migraine. But sooner or later one will come wandering home like a lost puppy. This time I made it nearly four months.

Then I got one on April 27.

Then I got another on May 6.

There’s a drawing/painting still in the works from April 27.

I finished a drawing/painting from May 6. Here it is. Look what the puppy dragged in.

“Nude with Migraine” (self portrait)

“Nude with Migraine” (self portrait) 18 x 24, oil pastels, watercolor, colored pencil on paper.

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