The Doodling Must Be Contagious

(Above: Migraine drawing by the Missus Doodlesam – July 31, 2017)

Recently, my wife experienced a migraine aura, something that (thankfully) doesn’t happen often for her.

I was concerned, sympathetic, empathetic, copacetic.

I did the most humane, caring, effective thing I could think of to help comfort her:

I handed her a sketchbook and some colored pencils!

“Here. This will fix ya up!”

I absolutely love what she created!

2 thoughts on “The Doodling Must Be Contagious

  1. I’m sorry wife entered into the abyss of migraines/auras. I think I should start to doodle while having the migraine knives. I hope the Mrs is feeling much better and will never have to journey to the abyss again!

    1. She lucked out. She didn’t get a headache. Just had the aura. She dodged a bullet, or rather, a cannon ball. 🙂

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