Earlier this year, my wife and I moved from a small two bedroom garden apartment into a more spacious residence. Not only is the house spacious, we also have a decent sized garage. And not only a garage, but a garage with a second floor that is wide open. Truly spacious!

My intentions for this upper room have included: a.) a workout area, b.) a music room, c.) an art studio, and d.) a year-round entertaining facility.

Point a: I moved my weight bench up there. I haven’t lifted any weights. I installed a pull-up bar in a doorway. I can’t do pull-ups. I did workout with a jump rope several times. But then I wrecked my ankle in June and haven’t been able to jump rope or anything else since.

Point b: My wife made an executive decision that all musical instruments must remain in the house, near at hand, ready to pick up when inspiration strikes.

While point d sounds like fun (music playing, people sitting around on couches, chatting, a grill going outside the garage even in the winter), my real desire has been c, an art studio.

Today it has finally begun.

A small start

A small start

Today is also the start of 18 days away from work. I have vacation days to use before the end of the year. So I find myself with time on my hands and thankfully, an improving ankle on my leg. With time, physical prowess (says the guy who can’t do a pull-up), and inspiration, these 18 days will be a good time of making and using this creative space.

I should add that two providential incidents happened just yesterday that have helped me get in gear with this. First, I had been in need of a desk or a work table to use in this studio. I had put the word out. I wanted something inexpensive. And by that I mean: FREE. Yesterday, right next door, someone was getting rid of a desk. It was FREE! The second providential incident was finding this fortune when I cracked open a cookie after devouring a dish of sesame chicken:


A few things you might notice in the photos above (if you look close enough):

I’ve got the time. I’ve got the inspiration. Now I’ve got the creative space.


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