Can We Go to the Beach Now?

I know it’s only March, and not quite officially Spring yet. Plus there’s snow on the ground. But can we go to the beach? I need a break. I don’t care if there are sharks...

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It’s always amusing to come across old doodles in notebooks. This morning I found this oddity while looking for my login information for a website I haven’t used in a million years. I had no...

Know Your Fruits

I spent a little time drawing with two of my boys. There is an age difference of 33 years between them. Neither of them was surprised by my antics in this drawing. The older one...

Jerry’s New Mole

Jerry thought his new mole looked cool. But he wasn’t happy about the melanoma diagnosis.

My Head is a Work of Art

With all the businesses being closed because of the pandemic, I haven’t had a haircut in over three months. I trimmed my beard a few times in March and April. Then I said, “Screw it.”