It’s a work in progress. 18 x 24. Oil pastel, watercolor, acrylic. I used Paint Shop Pro to play around with different color backgrounds to determine what looks best. Why not combine all the test...

Visiting Uncle Jeb in the Hospital

Above: My painting, “Rough Around the Edges,” in the Paint Your Pain exhibit at Overlook Hospital in Summit, NJ. We lovingly refer to him as “Uncle Jeb.” Some of the fam came with me to...

When You See Your Mom Again… [VIDEO]

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Larger Than Life [VIDEO]

A Quick Self Portrait in Charcoal on the Studio Wall There’s nothing quite so life-enriching as watching a bald man draw in high speed.

The Doodling Must Be Contagious

The Doodling Must Be Contagious (Above: Migraine drawing by the Missus Doodlesam – July 31, 2017) Recently, my wife experienced a migraine aura, something that (thankfully) doesn’t happen often for her. I was concerned, sympathetic,...