Sometimes artists can get pretty full of themselves.

People in general can get pretty full of themselves.

We all do it. We all want to have some skill or talent that raises us above the frothing sea of humanity. We all want to be known for something.

“You are your art.” Is that true? You pour yourself into your art. It is an expression of you, your thoughts, your emotions. Sometimes art is the only medium through which you can communicate things about your soul that you can’t put into words. But maybe in that sense, the saying should be, “Your art is you.”

If “you are your art,” perhaps you are only two dimensional. Unless you are a sculptor. Then maybe you are cold like stone. If “you are your art,” maybe you are limiting yourself. Maybe you are defining yourself too narrowly.

One could with as much meaning say, as in the graffiti above, “You are your fart.” You are the essence of that which comes out of you. You might cause a big stink for a short period of time. But it passes.

“You are your fart” reminds us to be humble, not take ourselves too seriously, just let go, enjoy the moment, let ‘er rip.

That graffiti, along with that in the pictures below was found in a coffee shop bathroom near Harvard. The perception of Harvard is one of pretension. But I’m pretty sure people at Harvard fart too.

I was pretentious enough to add one of my own stickers to the decor of this bathroom. “Thinking Men.” Maybe someone will cut one while looking at it. I will never know.


"Thinking Men" sticker in Boston

“Thinking Men” sticker in Boston

A matter of opinion

A matter of opinion

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